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Areas of Practice

Estate Planning, Guardianships, and Probate of Estates

Develop your estate to meet the growing needs of your family. Competent guidance is necessary to properly provide for your family and loved ones' future in the event of death or disability. We prepare Wills (Last Will and Testament), Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives (sometimes called Living Wills), Trusts for Family Members who have special needs (such as mentally incapacitated persons) or those too young to manage a potential inheritance. We also provide legal advice in these and related areas. Roberta Anne Burcz also represents parties in Court who have become victimized by persons who improperly take advantage of the elderly, and she represents estate beneficiaries where the Fiduciaries have acted improperly or abused their position.



Roberta Anne Burcz files Bankruptcies for Debtors and represents Creditors in Bankruptcy proceedings.

For those who cannot pay their bills, or who are struggling to meet their financial obligations, we seek to assess your entire situation before recommending whether it's best for you to file bankruptcy, or whether there are other options.

We have also successfully represented Landlords and Lenders so that they can continue to proceed in State Court, where a Debtor has sought the protection of the Bankruptcy Court.

Contact us at 732-892-7334 to make an appointment to discuss your needs and feel confident about the decisions you face.

Real estate

The purchase, sale, financing or lease of commercial or residential real estate can be a complex process. Roberta Anne Burcz has represented clients where riparian issues have to be carefully reviewed and analyzed and where claims of the State of New Jersey need to be resolved. She has appeared before many Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Adjustment and represented Condominium Associations. Roberta Anne Burcz has represented Lenders and Borrowers in Foreclosure cases (and in Bankruptcy Court) and cases involving claims of Fraud. She has represented clients when they are having a dispute with another party with whom they own property. She has successfully assisted borrowers in obtaining Mortgage Modifications. She has represented contractors in Construction Lien proceedings and has represented Landlords and Tenants in eviction proceedings and in Bankruptcy Court.

General Business, Insurance, and Business Transactions

This area of law includes start-up businesses (including formation of LLC's and Corporations) and representing clients who want to sell or buy a business. Roberta Anne Burcz represents clients who are negotiating contracts and leases, and clients in various types of general litigation, collection cases and billing disputes, and lease litigation. She also represents parties in Court when insurance companies refuse to pay, or deny coverage.